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What Clients Are Saying

Heather M.


The first interview I went on, they offered me the position right on the spot. The comment was made that I looked so good on paper that it was just a formality to meet me in person. I owe this to Katherine’s resume and cover letter help. I did accept the offer and am enjoying having a job that is more Read More..

convenient for my family responsibilities. I strongly recommend Katherine’s writing services to anyone looking for a better job.

Francie I.


Since I needed not only a dusting off of my resume but some serious interview practice (it had been a long time!), I elected to go with the full package.  It was worth it.  Within days after my mock interview practice with Katherine, I was selected as the top candidate for my preferred position. Read More..

The interview rocked because I was prepared, confident, collected and conversational, thanks to Katherine.  The interviewers also praised my resume, which Katherine and her team made sure was polished to my liking.  An excellent experience that I highly recommend.

Susan L.


Katherine and Michael are awesome! Great company with excellent service by people who are consummate professionals. I signed up for Rocket Fuel and had a federal resume done. I was nervous about it initially and after showing the final product to my co-workers, they were incrediblyRead More..

impressed and even asked for the name of the company to get their resumes done!

I also had a short notice interview so I didn’t get to use Aikido to the fullest extent. In fact, I just watched the Aikido video the night before the interview and the following day, I was hired ON THE SPOT! The interviewer said I asked excellent questions about the company, which I never would have asked if I didn’t sign up for Aikido. The techniques and tactics learned in the video nailed my job.

And on top of it all, when I followed up with Katherine and Michael, they offered to add a civilian resume to compensate me for not using Aikido – I appreciate the fairness since some other companies wouldn’t do something like that!

Michael and Katherine guide you through the process, help you target your job, and even offer networking contacts to help make you successful. It is clear they work WITH you and not FOR you. Because like anything else in life, if you want success, you have to put in the work in, too. This is about getting your dream job – and I certainly got mine.

George H.


Katherine Metres-Akbar was an incredible help to me in my job search. I feel I make a good impression in person but to get an interview you have to look impressive on paper, and I certainly did not before help from YES. I had an eclectic job history, few tangible accolades, and an uncertainRead More..

plan for my future career except to know that I wanted one. Katherine was an invaluable asset to me by simply asking the right questions to get me thinking and, with her help, I was able to identify the specific avenue I wanted to travel down professionally. Her guidance alone was worth a 5-star review but she also helped me re-draft my resume and cover letters. She is a gifted writer and was able to make even my jumbled job history look good on paper, which led to in-person interviews and then to the great job I have now. I will make almost double what I made last year and I owe much of it to Katherine, her talents, and her enthusiasm (even when mine was lacking). I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a job and happily do so to my friends and family with confidence.