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T. R.


I just wanted to add an update to my earlier review. The resume they crafted for me was tailored to a specific position within a federal agency where I currently work as a contractor. I have applied to this position several times in the years I’ve worked for this agency with no success in beingRead More..

selected for an interview. This time was different. I was selected for an interview and subsequently offered the position.

Gina K.


Hiring Katherine’s resume firm is the best decision I could have made.

I felt incredibly negative when I plunked down the money for the Career Rocket Fuel package. I’m a career changer inRead More..

an MBA program and I kept being rejected for jobs with my self-written resume. I was also freelancing and part-time underemployed so I was ready to move to full time, MBA track work. But I felt like I didn’t stand a chance. I emailed Katherine tearfully a few times about the struggle and she was always professional and graceful!

My resume was beautifully done and my writer pulled accomplishments out of me I never would have thought of on my own. They reframed my previous professional experiences in a way that was relevant and meaningful to my target jobs. The Interview Aikido sessions also taught me how to level the playing field with my interviewers.

I got at least 10 interviews in 2 months as a direct result of my revamped resume and cover letter. I did not land a job in the field I thought I wanted, but I DID get a job that is a much better fit (and higher salary by about $10k as compared the original direction I wanted to go) as a direct result of Katherine’s service.

I’m starting at my new company on May 9. I encourage anyone who is on the fence about this to make the investment, especially if you are a career changer. I’ll be using them again when I graduate and apply internally at my new company to change roles! THANKS YES! 🙂

Dan A.


Very pleased.  Had an executive attorney opportunity arise through a friend and had not really updated my resume in 20 years.  Thanks to YES I now have an updated executive-quality resume and they were able to get me a polished draft to submit in a couple of days.  Much more responsive thanRead More..

several of the other services I contacted and was thrilled with the responsiveness during the resume-writing process.  I would not hesitate to recommend YES to any of my friends and colleagues.

Eric E.


This was my first time working with a resume writing professional.  I was a little hesitant given that my exeriance for the last ten years has been as a self employed consultant.

I was extremely impressed at how responsive KatherineRead More..

was to my concerns. Although she knew very little about my industry she and her team was able to help me put together a great resume.

I liked the product so much that I took her interview Aikido training sessions. It was well worth the cost. I learned various interview skills that will be useful in both my job search as well as my independant consulting practice. Thanks Katherine!