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Melissa S.


We were looking to get our resumes updated and YES provided that service!! They asked all the right questions, delivered what they said they would, even rushed one of the resumes because of a job closing to get corrected and in on time. YES wrote two resumes, cover letters and we haveRead More..

received calls from all the jobs we applied for!! Highly recommend YES to anyone looking to update their resume to get the job they want!

Danielle H.


I am very pleased! I went with the Career Boost Package and received a free thank you letter. Katherine was very helpful during the free consultation. She answered all of my questions, was very professional and understood where I wanted to go with my next career move. KatherineRead More..

assigned Melissa (expert writer) to work on my package. Melissa is AMAZING! I received my new resume and cover letter within 5 business days–good deal!

I started applying to positions right away and I was contacted for an interview within 2-3 weeks. I went in for the interview early this month and accepted a great offer last week!

If you are looking to re-brand/market yourself, I would highly recommend Katherine and her team. You will not be disappointed!

Terris A.


Katherine Metres deserves a medal! The only point that stood me in the way of fulfilling my dreams as an event planner was a drab resume. I had never written one before so I looked up a couple of templates on-line and went at it. At the end, I thought I had a pretty good piece of work especiallyRead More..

since it was my first time. Oh but, then it landed in the hands of Katherine and my resume did a complete 180. It went from drab to a professional piece of work. I will openly admit I am not the best writer so having Katherine’s professional writing skills truly helped me. I sat there stumped on what to say to convey a concept but Katherine was able to come up with an eloquent way to communicate everything- even my less than desirable jobs. She made everything sound amazing! So off my resume went and while I’ve yet to land my dream job, I have had several responses to my resume stating that I sounded impressive. Before while I might have good qualities for a potential employer, Katherine made it actually a reality. I highly recommend Katherine’s writing services to anyone!

Michael R.


I initially decided to contact Katherine and her resume writing team shortly after learning about her impressive background. I sincerely believe that there is no other DC area resume writing services with the expertise and connections that Katherine and her team have.

Read More..

So I took a somewhat big leap of faith and decided to purchase the Career Rocket Fuel Package to help me transition back into the line of work I was looking for. Indeed, every step of the way Katherine made herself available by phone. It didn’t matter if you called her at 7 am or 9 pm, Katherine was readily available to answer any and all questions or concerns that I had.

The resume, cover letter, and thank you note she presented was almost like a work of art. It was so detailed, eye-catching, and worded quite eloquently. I couldn’t have asked for a better product, and could not imagine anyone else producing documents half as impressive.