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Warren G.


My experience with Your Edge for Success was seamless. They turned around a spruced-up resume and created a solid LinkedIn profile in a matter of days. Katherine Metres and her team at YES are very professional and a joy to work with in prepping for the exec job search.

Kel F.


I cannot believe that this is my first online review ever posted and I hope this will not be my last. When I first called Katherine, she was very interesting and I liked her energy.  Before doing my resume, she asked me to fill out a worksheet with all my job information, and at first I thought it wasRead More..

hard. But I went ahead and did it, and I tried to put everything on it that I could remember from job descriptions to customer reviews and accomplishments.

Once she gave me my drafts, I was amazed!

It honestly felt like someone finally got tell my story and show people what was in my heart. She found a way to convey all of me and my career on paper, which is a very hard thing to do. I also enjoyed the Interview Aikido training because now I feel sure of myself. Before I would always second guess myself, but now I am able to wipe that out and be confident.

The first thing that came to mind after working with YES was that I need to share this with someone else. I was so excited about it. The first time I used the resume to apply for a job, I got a response within 10 hours. I’ve applied to several jobs now, and every time I’ve gotten a response within 24 hours. I have interviewed and been offered two positions already!

I have learned a lot from both Katherine and Rita and I am grateful for what they’ve done for my career.

Merci Beaucoup!

Eduardo G.


Thanks to the help from YES my resume had an amazing response where people I would cold-email (i.e. unsolicited) actually responded favorably.  In the end I’ve turned down at least four new interview requests after taking a job offer I’m very happy with. I got the job within 2 months ofRead More..

having YES redo my resume. I think this is considerable, considering that previous attempts at sending my resume before the YES makeover would either go ignored or with responses declining to interview me.  I can point to many little changes that YES did when upgrading my profile, and it worked without a doubt.  YES created a new resume for me from scratch and thus picked and chose the right information to share.  I highly recommend their service, including the cover letter, as it’s worth it!

Peter M.


After being unemployed for 5 months and filling out several dozen job applications I constantly wondered why I wasn’t receiving any phone calls or interviews from employers. I’ve worked since I was 16 years old and being in this position was both hurtful and depressing. I came up with all sorts ofRead More..

reasons as to why things weren’t going my way.

I considered getting a professional resume before but thought it would be a waste of time due to my thinking that I already had “the perfect resume”. I finally made up my mind to do some extensive research and decided to take a chance and give YES a call. At this point I had nothing to lose. I purchased their resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and career coaching package. They were very thorough. I received several calls and emails from my YES resume writer asking more details and specific questions from the original information that I provided. They were always positive and took the time to reassure me that things would work out.

I also purchased the LinkedIn profile to assist me with making business connections, not just in helping me get a job now but for advancement in the future. Although I already had a profile, they created a much more professional one.

A few weeks after I first made the phone call to YES, I received my new resume, cover, and thank you letter. After viewing them I realized that this is something I should have done five months earlier. I was excited and felt rejuvenated for the first time in months. I immediately found a few jobs to apply for. Within two hours of submitting my application for one of the positions I received a call! I couldn’t believe it. I scheduled an interview soon after. When I informed YES they suggested that I also purchase their Interview Aikido training program. Being that my job interview was in two days they were good enough to schedule my training the next day. All of the information YES provided plus the mock interview made me more relaxed and ready for anything I would encounter during the interview.

After my interview, which I thought went extremely well, I was informed that they had several more candidates scheduled and they would make a decision by the end of the week. First thing the next morning I received a phone call with a job offer! I accepted and now I am with a great company. Since that time I have received a few more phone calls from other companies that I sent my YES resume and cover letters to. Thanks to Katherine and her team for all of their help, hard work, and assistance during this process. I couldn’t have asked for more!