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Diana W.

Update – Give them a first and second chance. Michael’s dedication and commitment have convinced me to revise an initial impression.

Mari D.

would definitely recommend YES, with a caveat that people with complicated, technical backgrounds not expect to submit the resume the day it is delivered.

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It was a risk for me to pay for her company’s services, especially after I already paid a lot of money to another expert who did a poor job. I took the risk because I was tired of applying for jobs I was qualified for and not making it through the cert process, and I am glad that I did take the chance.

I was concerned from the start that the staff would not be able to understand my very specialized experience well enough to craft the resume to address the questions in the occupational questionnaire but was reassured by Rita that YES staff worked with technical clients all the time and could handle it. YES agreed to provide my resume in less than a week, for a rush fee. I did not receive the first draft until a few hours before the midnight closing deadline and technical information important for the job was missing. I think the draft was drafted by someone else, but when I was not happy, Katherine got on the phone and worked with me until late at night, to produce a satisfactory resume. She also worked with me for 30 days afterwards to continue refining the resume to my satisfaction.

I made it through the cert process for the first time (albeit with a different agency) and I will use Katherine’s services again. I will also know how to better shape the resume myself using what I learned. I also like that the company changed its policies so that rush jobs are no longer accepted unless the client will have a day on the back end to get editing done.

Ron H.

I used Your Edge for Success Writing to help develop the format and wording of my resume to land my next executive position.  Although they are a premium priced service, Katherine and her team are excellent at what they do!  Since I typically only switch jobs every blue moon, I felt theirRead More..

service was worth the money since it included consultation, feedback, and re-writes.  Katherine delivered a well written and personalized resume along with a cover letter which I used when submitting my resume to various potential employers.

Mary M.


Whether it’s personally or professionaly, I surround myself with powerful women.  When I needed writing to help me clarify my thoughts I hired one of those powerful women.

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Katherine was very helpful and incredibly effective in guiding me to articulate my business messaging for my blog. My garbled thoughts about a few topics were made sense by Katherine’s poignant questioning and excellent wrtiting. She makes what she does seem effortless. Know that when you hire Katherine she gives you at the bare minimum 100%.

Although I did not hire her for resume, career and job seeking preparation, I have met many of her very happy clients. There is no need to hestiate in hiring Katherine as she and her team will take care of you by listening to what you want, what you dream of, and helping you clarify how to get there. You are not a checklist of job skills. They support you in designing a position or a career that best fits YOU. Clarifying what you truly want to do is not only going to have you be happier but that happiness ripples out into the world. The world needs more people that love their job or what I call “world-work”.

Oh, also something I look for – Katherine is very easy to work with. We had were lots of laughs intermixed with her very professional demeanor. Look no further when it comes to job seeking preparation. Just say YES!