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Conor R.


When I emailed YES, I had already sent in 25 resumes and only gotten one call back. Within a week of having my resume redone I got a call back and was hired by an awesome new company. Since then I’ve use their formula to help better resume and cover letter. ┬áService was fast and Read More..

on time, definitely a quality company, highly recommend it.

Gavin T.


I cannot possibly recommend YES enough. I signed up for the “Career Rocket Fuel” package. This included a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and 2 sessions of “Interview Aikido”.

The price may seem high, but it is absolutely worth it.Read More..

This is my career. In the long term, it’s not a lot to pay for what you get. The process is really easy. I submitted my resume as is, and had a phone interview to discuss further. A few days later I had a brand new resume that was completely different but very much true to my skillset. You have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest changes.

After the resume came the cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Almost immediately upon updating my profile and posting my resume to a few job boards (Indeed, Career Builder etc.) I started receiving interest. I applied to 6 jobs I was interested in, and received callbacks on 3. I interviewed for 2 and received 2 job offers.

This is where the interview aikido really helped me. I was able to analyze the job description, pull experience from my career to date and be ready for everything they asked in the interviews.

The offer I accepted has put me on a fantastic path for my career. YES has already paid for itself several times over.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m going to close this review with the same line I opened it with. I cannot possibly recommend YES enough.

Kathy C.


I highly recommend Your Edge for Success LLC for resume and cover letter writing. After 11 years of being a stay at home mom I decided to head back into the work force. The thought of having to create a resume that will sell me with a huge gap in work experience was overwhelming! I had noRead More..

idea where to begin, or how to even look like I was marketable. I reached out to Katherine at Your Edge for Success and explained my situation. She not only told me that she and her team could help me out, she also reassured me that this was something not all that uncommon. The services Your Edge for Success provided me were top notch! They were prompt, concise and thorough. The systems they used to gather my info were easy to use and made it convenient for me to fill out as well as to communicate with my writer. Becca did an amazing job writing my resume and cover letter. She made sure that all the information was accurate and exactly what I wanted. I am extremely happy with the finished product and have already been contacted by 4 business and have had 2 interviews! This company really delivers. If you want person service with attention to detail and the highest quality product this is the company to choose.

Zakia N.


I was frustrated for a long time since none of my internship and job searches was getting to a positive result. I knew that I am more than qualified for many of those positions but I did not know why I was not getting them. Until I got connected to YES by a close friend. At the beginning I was not sureRead More..

what the result would be but as we started working on my resume, I loved how their service was structured and of course the result. Beside having a great resume and cover letter, they provided me a thank you letter for FREE that was SO helpful. I understand that having a good resume is not all the thing you need to find a job, but it IS a huge portion of what you need to get the job. I got interviewed with three great organizations that I always wanted to work for and finally I accepted the offer of one of them.