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Alyson S.


I found Katherine’s services through a University of Michigan alumni event, and I am extremely glad I did. Transitioning career fields is no easy task, and an impressive resume and cover letter are imperative. Katherine is very bright and talented, and I found her resume makeover and coverRead More..

letter services to be quite useful. I now feel much more confident in my job search and hope to land a new job soon! Highly recommend.

C Kaplita


Following retirement from a 32+ year career in federal government I felt I needed assistance with my resume for new opportunities. The responsiveness from Katherine and her staff was immediate. During the initial consultation call with me Katherine asked key, on point questions to getRead More..

things started. You have to be prepared to spend time in gathering many details on work history, education, training, etc. to assist in filling in the worksheets. This is essential as it serves as the building blocks for the resume and other artifacts produced. You are given multiple times to review and provide feedback until you are completely satisfied. My resume and other documents are now easily edited to better fit different job openings. And although I had a LinkedIn profile I had never spent any time with getting it written well. YES staff were great with providing recommendations to get it updated and noticeable. Hiring a professional for resume services was a new experience for me and I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Katherine and her team. It was well worth the time and money spent and am happy I decided to contact Your Edge for Success.

Alison Yost


I had been feeling for a long time that my resume was getting out of control – the lists kept getting longer, while the font and margins kept getting smaller. It was to the point where I felt that it was impossible to read my resume and understand my expertise in a quick or effective manner. I alsoRead More..

realized that I was emphasizing and highlighting skills that I wanted to move away from in future opportunities.

Katherine and her team were extremely helpful – I spent time on the phone talking with Katherine about my goals, and I appreciated her expertise both on the resume development side, as well as her previous experience in my field (international affairs), which is why I chose to go with her company. I was then provided with a worksheet that teased out my skills and accomplishments, framing them in ways that I hadn’t considered. They also encouraged stream of consciousness writing, which helped as I was trying to get everything that I wanted to highlight down on paper, and they would weed through it and figure out how to present it in an appealing way.

As promised, within five business days of sending in the worksheet, I received my updated resume. Katherine and her team had pulled out the most valuable skills, and presented them in a way that made them applicable to more positions. They also fact checked it as much as possible, which felt like a nice safety net.  I did do a little editing to make it more like my own voice, but I was very happy with the overall result, and I am once again proud to share my resume.

Katherine B.


I will probably be one of their most challenging clients they ever had. With the encouragement and the push for excellence, I will also be one of the greatest they have ever developed for greatest.